5 Tips for Dachshund Puppy Training

With these 5 simple steps, you will have yourself a loving, well balanced and sociable Dachshund dog.

Step 1: Potty training

Just like we used to relieve ourselves anytime we wanted and anywhere when we were little kids, your little puppy will also do the same around every 40 minutes or an hour. He will want to eliminate after waking from the nap, drinking, playing and feeling highly exited. So it will be better to take him outside when you feel it’s time and wait until he finally eliminates. By repeating it for many times, he will know the spot for settling his business and it will become a kind of habit for him to do his business outside. So when he will need to do later, he will whine, scratch the door or bark at you.

Step 2: Socialization

While Dachshund puppy training, socialization is also the most important part. Every dogs love human company as they see human as their friends. So you can easily socialize him by making frequent interaction with the peoples in the park or in the garden. Take him with you everywhere possible and let people meet, stroke, touch and caress him as it will help him being sociable.  The best trick for socialization training is carrying a bag full of his favorite treats and giving them to new people to offer him while introducing each other. It will take out fear from him and will be friendly with other people as well.

Step 3: Biting and nipping

It’s usual and normal for puppies to nip and bite in the process of training and socialization as they take it as their play time, social standing and communication. To stop this, you should dominant him or let him know who the boss is. You can do this simply by saying “No” pointing your finger towards him and staring in his eyes. It works much better than beating or hitting him. And this requires repletion too as it will take time for him to know that you don’t like biting or nipping.

Step 4: Chewing

Dachshund puppy training
is exasperating when you will see him chewing anything he’s getting. It may be your new shoes or carpet or anything. But there’s reason behind it like teething. It might be quite dreadful for them cutting their teeth so, to relief himself, he chews. The solution for this is to give them different toys like balls, old shirt, and your new shoes (just kidding). As they get toys for chewing, they will not chew your valuable stuffs.

  Step 5: Barking
Dogs bark and that’s normal but continual barking is socially intolerable. They bark because of boredom and loneliness. So try to spend as much time as possible with your Dachshund.  Give him enough playthings and learn the circumstances-the reason for his continual barking and prevent such things that make him bark.  With patience, perseverance and positive reinforcement in the dog training, you will get the most obedient, well balanced and well behaved dog.

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